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List Of Universities/Colleges We Work With: (Affiliated Institutes)

Our mission is to support you through your admission process from start to finish. Our highly skilled team members will help you fulfil the requirements that the college has held in place for you to be able to secure your position in college. We are here to provide information regarding courses, colleges and universities and how to pay your tuition fees.

We will start by giving you a free consultation where we will discuss what course you are interested in studying and what subject attracts you the most. We will explain to you what the requirements are and based on that we will then ask you to fill out a form of registration in order for us to ensure that we have your details to go onto the next stage.

We will then provide you with all the information that you will need so that you can bring in the important documents needed to complete your application.

We also offer Information Advice Guidance (IAG).


We provide the following:

  1. Support with CV Building

  2. Support with Personal Statement Building

  3. Support with application form for College/University admission

  4. Support with applying for Student Finance

  5. As this process can be daunting and stressful we also offer emotional support with guidance every step of the way



  1. BCUIC at Birmingham City University

  2. CRIC at Anglia Ruskin University

  3. HIC at University of Hertfordshire

  4. ICP at University of Portsmouth

  5. ICRGU at Robert Gordon University

  6. LBIC at Brunel University London

  7. LGSC at University of Leicester

  8. TCSU, The College at Swansea University

  9. UNIC at University of Northampton

  10. UPIC at University of Plymouth

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